4 Astronomy Activities for Kids That They Will Love

It can be great to have a kid interested in astronomy. The universe is infinitely interesting and there is so much to see and learn about the night sky. How do you channel that enthusiasm into meaningful activities and worthwhile outings? There are plenty of things to do with your kid when it comes to astronomy.

If your kids have grown beyond simply wanting to stand outside at night with their necks craned skywards, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. It might not be apparent at first thought but there are tons of unique, educational, and cheap activities to do for kids when it comes to astronomy.

From museums to planetariums, summer camp to live night sky tours, and tons of unique celestial events happening all of the time right overhead for free, there is an activity for you and your kid to enjoy anywhere, any time of year.

Go To The Planetarium At Night

Planetariums are excellent places to take your kids. The best time to go would be at night. Look up your local area and find a planetarium that does nighttime showings and activities. At night, planetariums open up and begin to scan the heavens for sights to show the audience.

Many planetariums will have special showings. If Mars or Jupiter are supposed to be super visible one night, they will invite people to come to take a look with their telescope. The views are often far better than you can get on your own in the backyard and is a worthwhile excursion to take your kids to.

Some planetariums will have talks by real life astronomers and scientists. Others will give live tours of the night sky using lasers to point out the most prominent objects above. The experience is truly amazing.

If you can go to a nearby planetarium at night, the presentations are professional and far above what the average astronomer can do on their own. It is an experience that just cannot be replicated on your own. It is definitely worth a trip at night.

Go To The Planetarium During The Day

Planetariums are a great way to learn a ton about space. If your schedule or your kids are not conducive to a nighttime visit, do not be discouraged. Many planetariums have plenty to do during the day. From lessons from real astronomers to fully voice acted tours of your local night sky via video projector, there are tons of things to see and do at the planetarium during the day.

Many planetariums are also connected to museums which will hold much more detailed information and intricate exhibits about space. In fact, museums are a great activity to do with kids and there are some excellent museums out there that cover the vastness of the universe in great detail.

From your local Museum of Science and Industry to large famous museums such as the Kennedy Space Center or Smithsonian there are plenty of places to take your kids during the day where they can get some excellent lessons about the night sky and astronomy. Many of these places also feature their very own planetariums as well.

Send Them To Astronomy Camp

An unforgettable experience for any child could be a trip to an astronomy camp. Science camps are an established way to give your kids an educational and fun experience over the droll summer months. There are a growing number of different kinds of science camps available for kids of all ages. This includes an astronomy camp.

If your kids have any interest in astronomy at all, they will love a long trip to astronomy camp. They will learn about the night sky above, about the different astronomical bodies, and even learn how to use a telescope. They will be able to make friends with similar interests and stay up stargazing with professionals who are going to teach and enrich them.

This is a great way to tell if your kids are serious about astronomy and either way, they will love these camps. They might come back with a burning passion for astronomy, unlocking a new lifelong educational hobby for them to pursue. Or they might come back and decide astronomy is not for them saving you hundreds of dollars on potential astronomy equipment.

Either way, astronomy camp is a great way to get your kids exposed to the ins and outs of astronomy, teach them some new skills, and have them learn about the wonders of the universe in a safe and controlled environment.

Show Them A Celestial Event

One of the best and most memorable activities to do with your kids in regards to astronomy is to show them a unique celestial event. Some astronomical events are truly special. Some are super rare. All of them are memorable. One of the best things to do with your kids is to show them a wonder like this. You both will always remember that moment.

There are tons of potential events to show your kids. You just have to keep an eye out on the astronomical calendar and try to pick out ones that you will be able to view. It is worth looking at Best Telescopes for Kids if they are into astronomy.

Some of the best examples of astronomical events your kids will love include lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, meteor showers, and the passing of comets. Even if they are not total eclipses or if the meteor showers aren’t the best, your kids will remember the events as spectacular moments.

Seeing the moon turn red slowly throughout the evening or having high noon become plunged into darkness are amazing events. Shooting stars have been capturing the imagination for centuries. Showing them the streaks of meteors will be a lifelong memory.

All of these things are wonderful, not just for kids but adults as well. Keeping an eye on that calendar and planning out nighttime excursions to see some wonderful astronomical events is an amazing way to spend an evening.