Best Moon Position Apps for Tracking the Moon

One of the main objects is the moon. Many of us now have smartphones; it allows us to get apps to make life easier for an array of different tasks. Trying to search for the Luna 100, figuring out what moon phase the Moon was currently in took some time, which led me to my search lead me to find the best moon position apps.

I took out my smartphone phone download ten of the best moon apps available in the app store. In the end, I was then left with five that I thought were well worth mentioning in a moon app guide. I recommend all of the moon apps here in our guide are all free moon apps; some have in-app purchases, but I don’t believe that necessary to get unless you don’t like adverts.

Looking for different things in an app, someone more information and offers, and I feel that there is at least one app in these five that will suit everyone out there. There are apps packed with information to others with very little or give us all the details we need; it’s down to you to pick the best for your needs.

Moon Phases and Lunar Calander by Kinetic Stars

First, we have the app by kinetic stars may be my favorite app on the list. First off, you enter your zip code you then greeted with a large picture of the moon. There is an array of different information from moonrise to moonset to the moon’s age in the current lunar month when the next new moon will currently be.

You can scroll the widget to change the current time and date throughout the hours, and the animated moon changes to show you which phase the moon will be currently. Also, you can look at past and present moon phases, and this is a tremendous visual look have a moon.

You then have a calendar that shows you which phase of the moon in a broader look of the up-and-coming months. Next, you have the compass, which again is interactive, and you can scroll all through the days and months ahead and previous. I realize this because you could see where the moon would be above the Horizon is below on any given day or time for your location.

You then have a sun tab that gives you all information about the sunrises and sunsets; the Golden hour is all in this section of the sunset. One great feature of this app is the alert notification. When searching for lunar 100, there will be phases when it’s better to find individual craters. You can have the app notify you when the stage you are after is happening in your location. For some apps, it is a paid option and, for me, an excellente feature.

An excellent feature on this app, and that’s the zodiac calendar again interactive, so you can change the day and time to give Zodiac information you after. However, this isn’t my thing; it’s a nice little added feature if it’s something you’re interested in Zodiac.

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Full Moon Phase by Peter Smith

If you’re looking for a simple app with no bells and whistles, this may be what you are looking for in a moon app. Right at the start, the app gives you the moon’s percentage and moon phase. You then have a zodiac star sign followed by how many days it is until a new moon followed by a full moon.

You have some other tabs that will give you the future zodiac star signs and a tab for the moon phases of the coming months ahead. There is not a lot in this app; it doesn’t look excellent; however, it does precisely what it says on the tin, and that gives you the current moon phase, and the up-and-coming moon phase is, and that’s what you’re after it’s an excellent app.

The major floor in this app is that there are no notification settings for up and coming events, so if you have to particular moon phase and have to keep an eye on the app or set your own reminder on your smartphone.

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The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases by Vitalii Gryniuk

Next up, we have an app that looks better than the last app the current moon’s age in it’s 29.5 lunar months, the moon’s percentage we can see the moonrise, and the moon set all nicely on one screen.

You can simply scroll left and right to change between days, and an interactive mood would change its moon phase and all the information on that current day. Tap to find out the Moon Rising the moon set so you can get out your telescope at the correct time some of its information on this page which is nice to have altitude distance to the sun all information what’s nice to have to hand.

You have a note section for taking notes, so any ne10 formation you want to take down on a night of stargazing nice little feature, but nothing great has most smartphones have this anyway. It’s a lot, yet lock on this app; however, you can get a full moon notification. This isn’t great if you’re on the search for the Luna 100.

However, it’s a nice looking app that has all the bells and whistles, but I think you will need to purchase the four apps to make full use of it. So despite looking and feeling good, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re going to purchase the full app.

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My Moon Phase – Lunar Calender by JRustonApps B.V

Again all the information right on the map’s home screen, the current moon phase, and its percentage. I like this app because it gives you the conditions that the sky will be for that night. Also, it gives you when it will be the best time to have a clear view of the night sky. I didn’t see any other apps give this information out, and I think it’s a fantastic feature for users with telescopes. There is much more information on the home screen like moonrise and moonset sunrise and sunsets even down to the current moon zodiac.

At the bottom of the home screen does the Golden hour and the blue hour with exclamations of what both are on the app, a nice little touch. You can change the day using a calendar tab in the top corner, and then it gives you all the same information for that given day.

Notifications can be quite annoying, but if you’re searching for a lunar 100 and want their certain moon and notification can be an excellent thing. The top left corner is a cog that allows you to turn on notifications for various moon phases: new moon, first quarter full moon, last quarter supermoon solstice, and equinox. These should give you enough notice to get close to the moon phase you need to search for a lunar 100.

An app that is not packed full of features; however, for the search for Luna 100, I think this could just be B&M the right amount without being too much and overwhelming an excellent app.

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Moon – Current Moon Phase by Charlie Deets

Suppose you’re on the lookout for a very basic moon app that is what you’re after you greeted with her image of the current moon phase. With a swipe to the left, you are then greeted with the moon phase’s current name and its percentage of how many days to the next new moon and how many days to the next full moon.

You can select from the bottom corner of a tab to pick any date past or present to see the past moon phase’s current. That’s all there is to this app and a basic app, but it does what it says in the description.

Apple App Store link this app is also available for Android and downloadable from the Google app store.


There you have it; these are my top five moon apps, five tried and tested. I hope that this little guide saves you a lot of time and saves you from downloading many pointless apps from the app store.

If you lookout for the lunar 101, it makes the task a lot easier, so next time you crack out the best telescope for viewing the moon, don’t forget to check your app to see the current state of the current moon state.