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The Bull Constellation

Taurus The Bull Constellation

Constellations could be considered natural art since the stars that are part of it create shapes that can be easily recognized by both experts and amateur astronomers. They have many names, some of them being related to zodiac signs. Taurus, the main topic of this article, belongs to the group. What are Constellations? Before delving …

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What Are Stars Made Of

What Are Stars Made Of?

Stars are one of the most beautiful celestial beings. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, depending on their mass and temperature. For centuries, they have been used in the most iconic romantic scenes from books and movies, and visual novels. Now, what are they made of? What Are Stars Made Of? …

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Who Invented the Telescope

Who Invented the Telescope?

From backyards to mountaintops to orbit, telescopes are everywhere in today’s world but this was not always the case. Since its inception, the telescope has changed the way humanity looks at the universe. The invention of the telescope was a momentous event that would end up changing the world. A First Time for Everything In …

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What Color Are Stars

What Color Are Stars

For ages, people have gazed at the night sky and got amazed by the beautiful spectacle above them. Despite being upstaged nowadays by the city lights, stars have been romanticized for decades in books and movies. Now, why some of them are different colors? This article will explain it below. Why Are Stars Different Colors? …

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Blue Giant Stars

Blue Giant Stars

Many people have heard of red giant stars and might even be able to name a few but how many people know about their cousin blue giant stars? Blue giants are massive, hot and extremely bright. Move over red giants and make way for the blue giant. Blue Basics If people have ever seen a …

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