Telescope Comparison Table

Sorting thought hundreds of telescopes could not only be confusing; it is also hard work. I found that essential information was scattered all over the internet. So this was my main reason I compiled my large telescope comparison table, to gather it all in one easy to read table. What this should allow you to do is quickly search thought and seek out the style of telescope you require.

After listening to our readers, we have split up telescopes based on their price range. We will continuously be adding reviews onto the site and into the comparison table.

Very Low Budget Telescopes

BrandModelOptical DesignApertureFocal LengthFocal RatioGo-ToPriceOur Review
CelestronPowerSeeker 70EQRefractor70mm700mm10$Our Review
CelestronFirstScopeNewtonian Reflector76mm300mmf/3.95$Our Review
MeadePolaris 70 EQRefractor70mm900mmf/12.9$Our Review
MeadeETX 90 ObserverMaksutov-Cassegrain90mm1250mmf/13.8Yes$Our Review
ZhumellZ60Refractor60mm700mmf/11.6$Our Review
Zhumell76AZRefractor76mm700mmf/9.2$Our Review
Gskyer70mm AZAchromatic Refractor70mm400mmf/5.7$Our Review

Low Budget Telescopes

BrandModelOptical DesignApertureFocal LengthFocal RatioGo-ToPriceOur Review
CelestronASTROMASTER LT 70AZRefractor70mm700mm10$$Our Review
CelestronASTROMASTER 76EQNewtonian Reflector76mm700mmf/9.21$$Our Review
CelestronASTROMASTER 114EQNewtonian Reflector114mm1000mmf/8.77$$Our Review
CelestronPowerSeeker 80EQRefractor80mm900mmf/11$$Our Review
CelestronPowerSeeker 127EQNewtonian Reflector127mm100mmf/7.87$$Our Review
OrionStarBlast 4.5 AstroReflector114mm450mmf/4$$Our Review
MeadePolaris 127 EQRefractor127mm1000mmf/7.9$$Our Review
MeadePolaris 130 EQRefractor130mm650mmf/5$$Our Review
MeadeInfinity 102mmAchromatic Refractor102mm600mmf/5.9$$Our Review

Mid-Range Budget Telescopes

BrandModelOptical DesignApertureFocal LengthFocal RatioGo-ToPriceOur Review
CelestronASTROMASTER 130EQNewtonian Reflector130mm650mmf/5$$$Our Review
CelestronNexStar 4SEMaksutov-Cassegrain102mm1325mmf/13Yes$$$Our Review
CelestronNEXSTAR 90SLTMaksutov-Cassegrain90mm1250mmf/14Yes$$$Our Review
CelestronNEXSTAR 102SLTRefractor102mm660mmf/6.47Yes$$$Our Review
CelestronNEXSTAR 127SLTMaksutov-Cassegrain127mm1500mmf/12Yes$$$Our Review
CelestronNEXSTAR 130SLTNewtonian Reflector130mm650mmf/5Yes$$$Our Review
CelestronStarSense Explorer DX 102AZRefractor102mm660mmf/6.5Yes$$$Our Review
CelestronStarSense Explorer DX 130AZNewtonian Reflector130mm650mmf/5Yes$$$Our Review
CelestronInspire 100AZRefractor100mm660mmf/6.5$$$Our Review
CelestronOmni XLT AZ 102mmRefractor102mm660mmf/6.5$$$Our Review
OrionStarBlast 6Reflector150mm750mmf/5$$$Our Review
OrionStarBlast 6iReflector150mm750mmf/5Yes$$$Our Review
OrionSkyQuest XT6Reflector150mm1200mmf/8$$$Our Review
OrionSkyQuest XT8Refractor203mm1200mmf/5.9$$$Our Review
MeadeETX 80 ObserverRefractor80mm400mmf/5Yes$$$Our Review
ZhumellZ8 DeluxeDobsonian203mm1200mmf/5.9$$$Our Review
SkyWatcherClassic 200 8-inch TraditionalDobsonian203mm1200mmf/5.9$$$Our Review

Hight-Range Budget Telescope

BrandModelOptical DesignApertureFocal LengthFocal RatioGo-ToPriceOur Review
CelestronNexStar 5SESchmidt-Cassegrain125mm1250mmf/10Yes$$$$Our Review
CelestronNexStar 6SESchmidt-Cassegrain150mm1500mmf/10Yes$$$$Our Review
CelestronNexStar 8SESchmidt-Cassegrain203.2mm2032mmf/10Yes$$$$Our Review
OrionSkyQuest XT10Reflector254mm1200mmf/4.7$$$$Our Review
OrionAstroView 120STReflector120mm600mmf/5.9$$$$Our Review
MeadeETX125 ObserverMaksutov-Cassegrain127mm1900mmf/15Yes$$$$Our Review
MeadeInstruments Coronado Personal SolarPST40mm400mmf/10$$$$Our Review
ZhumellZ10 DeluxeDobsonian254mm1250mmf/5$$$$Our Review
ZhumellZ12 DeluxeDobsonian305mm1500mmf/4.95$$$$Our Review
LuntSolar Systems 60mm H-alphaSIE60mm350mmf/7$$$$Our Review
SkyWatcherProED 80mmRefractor80mm600mmf/7.5$$$$Our Review

Very Hight Budget Telescopes

BrandModelOptical DesignApertureFocal LengthFocal RatioGo-ToPriceOur Review
OrionSirius ED 80mmRefractor80mm600mmf/7.5Yes$$$$$Our Review

Comparison Table Header Explained

Brand – Telescope Brand
Model – Telescope Model
Optical Design – The telescopes Optical Design
Aperture – Telescope Aperture
Focal Length – Telescope Focal Length
Focal Ratio – Telescope Focal Ratio
Go-To – If its a Go-To Mount “Yes” blank if not

$ <100
$$ 100-200
$$$ 200-500
$$$$ 500-1000
$$$$$ 1000>

Our Review – A link to the telescope review, if no link it will be added soon.

If you would like a telescope added to the comparison table or reviewed, please drop us a message here. We do our best to add as many telescopes to the list as quickly as possible.

Our Telescope Comparison Table will be an ever-growing list of telescopes, and I aim to make this the go-to place if you want to compare a telescope.

If you feel something is missing or a way to improve the table, feel free to contact me. I am more than happy to hear suggestions on ways to improve the table to make it easier to use and more informative. I would love to hear if you think there is important data missing that you would like to see.

Thanks for stopping by and happy stargazing.