Is It Safe to Look at the Moon?

When we first take up stargazing, one of the first objects we observe is the moon. Moongazing is such an enjoyable pastime, and people spend many hours trying to find the luna 100. However, when we first start, we have many questions, for instance, is it safe to look at the moon?

The light produced from the moon comes from reflected sunlight; however, there is not enough light to harm your eyes. So, it is perfectly safe to look at the moon without damaging your eyes.

Okay, so we know it is safe to look at the moon without damaging our eyes, but this may leave us with other questions if you are on the hunt for the Luna 100.

Is It Safe to Look at the Moon With Binoculars?

Yes, your eyes are not at risk by looking at the moon with binoculars. Despite the light from the moon coming from reflected sunlight, there still is not enough light to damage your eyes by using binoculars to observe the moon.

Astronomic binoculars are an excellent choice for moongazing. They are a quick grab and go device that can give you superb views of the moon.

When the weather is not great, and we can’t get our telescope setup. A break in the weather as we peer out of our window can lead to frustration. However, with a pair of binoculars, you can still get some views of the moon without the need to set up a telescope.

That leads us to ask another question.

Is It Safe to Look at the Moon With a Telescope?

Yes, it is perfectly safe even though a telescope is a very powerful instrument; the light of the moon will not damage your eyes by looking at it with a telescope. However, due to the powerful nature of the telescope, it may make your eyes feel a little fuzzy; but it will not damage your eyes.

If you find you get “fuzzy” eyes when observing a full moon, I recommend giving your eyes a rest. Getting your eyes dark adapted will help avoid any “fuzzy” eyes.

If you have sensitive eyes, then adding a moon filter to your eyepiece will be a big help. A moon filter acts like a pair of sunglasses for your telescope eyepiece. With a moon filter attached to your eyepiece, this takes the harshness of a bright full moon.

With a moon filter and the harshness taken of the bright light taken away, it is much easier to pick out more surface features on the moon. Perfect for anyone trying to hunt out the luna 100.

Is It Safe to Look at the Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse is when the moon gets between the Earth and the sun. Then this casts a shadow across Earth and plunges Earth into darkness. So we are looking at the moon with a solar eclipse, so is it safe to look at it.

When the sun is in total eclipse, it is very brief that the moon covers it and it is still not advised that we look at a total eclipse. Looking up at the wrong moment, and viewing the sun can severely damage your eyes.

You can get glasses to make it much safer to view the solar eclipse from the sun’s UV rays, but I would always advise taking expert advice.

Is It Safe to Look at a Blood Moon?

While it is unsafe to view a solar eclipse, it is perfectly safe to view a blood moon lunar eclipse without UV eye protection that you need to observe a solar eclipse.

A blood moon accurses during a total lunar eclipse. What happens is earth lines up between the moon and the sun. Only the red part of the visible light bends around our planet’s horizon, washing the moon red in color.

There is no special astronomical significance when it comes to a blood moon. Seeing the moon in the sky turn red is an exceptional view that people love to see.

If you wonder when the next lunar eclipse will be so you can see a blood moon, you will have to wait till May 26, 2021. However, you will need to be in North America, Australia, the Pacific, and Asia to see this special event. If you miss that date, you will need to wait till May 16, 2022, for the next blood moon.


We hope that you have found this article about is it safe to look at the moon helpful.

It is perfectly acceptable to look at the moon, and there are a few little tips like a moon filter to make it much more comfortable on your eyes when viewing the moon with a planetary telescope.

The moon is such a fascinating object in the sky to observe, and people have studied it for many years. You can ignite your passion for moongazing by finding the luna 100 now you know its safe to observe the moon.