Is There Air on the Moon?

We often gaze into the night sky and wonder about the beyond. The moon is a prominent object in our night sky and usually has us asking questions about it. Like is there air on the moon so we could live on the moon. There are many other questions about living on the moon, but the air has to be one of the most important, right?

The moon does not have any air on the moon that humans can breathe; however, the moon has a thin layer of gases that make its atmosphere much different from the earth’s atmosphere as it has some strange gases like sodium and potassium.

We have discovered many things about the moon’s atmosphere on the many Apollo missions that have taken place over the years. Let’s see what other components are in the air on the moon that was discovered on these Apollo space missions.

Is there oxygen on the moon

Most discoveries that we make about our closest neighbor, the moon, are after a space mission. Some of the most famous lunar space missions are the Apollo missions that led to many discoveries. On these missions, part of their job is to collect lunar surface objects to study back on earth.

Based on lunar rock samples that have been studied down on earth that were harvest on Apollo space missions. There is around 40 to 45 percent oxygen per weight contained within the rock surface. Oxygen is the main component within the moon’s rocky surface.

This gives people hope that this high concentration of oxygen could be harvested so humans can use it to sustain life on the moon. There would have to be many inventions and work to get to this point, but there is hope.

Is there water on the moon

Humans require water to sustain life, so it’s a common question asked after is there air on the moon for anyone who wants to know if life is sustainable on the moon.

NASA space program SOFIA discovered water on the moon in concentrations of 100 to 412 parts per million. A fascinating discovery was that the water was not only in the dark spots but also on the sunlit surface.

Upon this discovery, many wondered if this would make human habitat on the moon would be possible. There is much debate on this, but there is no doubt that the moon has its own water source; it could make things easier. The water is trapped within the lunar surface, making it harder to harvest the water, unlike here on earth.

Is there gravity on the moon

Gravity is what sticks up humans to the floor and stops us from floating around in what would be a strange world. So it is worth considering if there is gravity on the moon so we can move around freely.

Yes, gravity on the moon is around 1/6th as powerful or about 1.6 meters per second squared. The moon’s gravity is much less than that on earth, so it would be impossible to walk around the moon without floating off.

So, we would all be floating around like the famous scene in charlie and the chocolate factory when they drink the fizzy floating pop. ,

Moon atmospheric pressure

The moon has an atmospheric pressure, but it’s so tenuous as to be nearly vacuum. There was a total atmospheric pressure mass of fewer than 10 tonnes. An atmospheric pressure that varies with the lunar day.

It would be impossible for humans to walk on the moon without a spacesuit with this atmospheric pressure.


We found out that there is air on the moon; however, it is very different from that air on earth, making it impossible to breathe. Even though the moon would be tough for human life to successfully live on its surface, it doesn’t stop people from researching the possibilities.

The moon is fascinating, and this is why many people continue to research and want to discover new things about the moon.

Next time you crack out the best telescope to see the moon, your mind may start to wonder a little more than usual with the above information. There are thousands of lunar surface features that you can discover from your backyard.